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Signs That Hair Styling Is In Your Future As a Career

Do you love hair, playing with hair? Some people enjoy hair styling as an art, but are not sure if it is the future career for them. The most important sign that shows being a hair stylist is in your future is your general attitude towards your end result.

If you are a natural born hair stylist, you are aware of how disastrous a bad hair day can be. You also know that if hair is gorgeously styled, it can increase your attractiveness significantly. So how do you know if it is truly written in the stars that you should be a hairstylist?

  • You were constantly playing with your Barbie dolls’ hair by finding resourceful ways to cut it and style it or you felt devastated when you cut off all your doll’s hair and found out it could not grow back.
  • You are never scared to try out extreme hairstyles because you know that hair can always grow back unlike doll hair. You have also probably tried any and every hairstyle there is from cutting off all your hair, putting in hair extensions, to colouring it.
  • You have always had a sixth sense when it comes to how the right hairstyle or haircut can enhance different facial features or facial shapes.
  • You have cut your hair and grown it out at least four times in your life and not a tiny trim either, a drastic haircut like bangs
  • You were very popular in your school when it came to school events because you could fix up the girls with perfect curls and hairstyles. You probably also helped out the boys with their hair issues to make sure everyone looked good.
  • You have taught the men in your life how to use their hair grooming products properly like hair gel or mousse. You have probably also given them advice on the hairstyles that work and those that do not work for them.
  • You know that the best way to tame split ends is to cut them off because conditioner only works as a temporary fix to the problem.
  • You get very enthusiastic about all the benefits of ceramic straighteners for your hair and you cannot help but to tell everyone about it
  • You know about how bad some hair treatments are and you know the ideal alternatives for different hair types. For example, you know that Brazilian Blowouts have a small amount of Formaldehyde that is probably not a safety concern but a concern nonetheless.
  • You also know that when your hair is healthy and beautifully styled, you look good and you are glad to help people have a good hair day.


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