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How To Add Volume To Your Hair When Blow Drying It

Have you ever wondered how to achieve bouncy, voluminous hair after blow-drying it at home or even when your hairdresser is doing it at the hair salon? Here are some tips on how to blow-dry your hair in a way that adds volume.

Use the Right Conditioner and Shampoo

If your hair is oily, avoid using 2 in 1 moisturising shampoo and if your hair is thick and dry; avoid using a cleansing stripping shampoo. Use hair products that are suited to your hair type and you will see a big difference. Gloss Hair Boutique uses De Lorenzo professional range products.

Use Hair Products that Will Add Volume

Root lifting products are necessary for the hair roots to generate lift followed by a leave in conditioner or moisturising serum on the ends and mid-length. These two products should be used together to keep the ends moisturised and bring about volume at the roots.


Use a leave in conditioner as needed because split dry hair does not blow-dry easily. Follow up by rubbing a small amount of serum on the ends of your hair after sectioning it and then comb through it.

Add a Volumising Mousse

Lift the roots and apply the mousse onto the hair and scalp then comb it through to your ends. For added stiffness of the roots, spray some texturising salt spray onto the roots directly. This is excellent for glassy, shiny hair that is always limp. If your hair is thicker and drier, you can skip this step. There are different volumizing products for root lifting but mousse works all-round for all hair types.

Blow Drying

You need to remove as much moisture from your hair as possible before blow-drying because it speeds up the blow-drying and styling process. Tightly wrap the hair around your hairbrush because tension is important in order to achieve bouncy, blow-dried hair. Lift the hairbrush to elevate the section of hair upwards while blow-drying. This helps to lift up the hair from the roots giving you maximum volume. Ensure the sections of hair are all dry and cool the hair down to seal in the volume by blasting it with cold air from the dryer.

Dry Shampoo

Some stylists usually use some dry shampoo to incorporate texture when lifting the hair. This helps when the hair is very clean and silky. Dry shampoo can also be used for lightly texturizing very soft hair. Apply dry shampoo by parting your hair in rows at the roots from your forehead to your crown and spraying it a little then patting the scalp to distribute the powder. You are then free to style it.

Tease The Hair

Teasing is very efficient especially if your hair is not thick naturally. Teasing adds a bit of staying power the roots and the crown after blow drying. It also gives the illusion that you have more hair. Section the hair and hold it up then use a tangle teezer or pin tail comb to tease the hair from the ends to the roots. This gives a soft matting effect at the roots. Do this all around your head to lift the hair from your roots to give off a voluminous appearance after taking out your pin curls or rollers.

Finishing Products

Using the right finishing products ensures your hair stays bouncy and voluminous. A spritz of salt texturizing spray gives you messy, beach hair. If your hair is drier and you want a softer finish, use your fingertips to apply a bit of serum to the ends.


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