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How Does Teeth Whitening Work?


Teeth Whitening is the most common and affordable cosmetic procedure carried out today. The process gives quick results, changing those yellow/grey teeth to a sparkling white smile in as little as a one-hour session.

Over the years out teeth lose their initial whiteness due to smoking plus the consumption of coffee, red wine, coloured and dark foods. These cause staining which can be removed easily with professional teeth whitening where there is little to no discomfort. And, depending on the method you choose, can be inexpensive.

But let’s look at what teeth staining is before we explain how it can be removed. Teeth are made up of an inner layer called Dentin and at outer layer called Enamel. This hard, outer layer protects our teeth. However, constant eating and drinking creates another layer over the enamel. This filmy layer is called Pellicle which after years gradually gets into the enamel. This is because the enamel, although hard, is porous and so staining occurs. These can’t be scoured away even with abrasive toothpastes.

The only way to remove these stains is with cosmetic teeth whitening and the preferred method is in a teeth whitening clinic. This is because at-home kits take forever to give a barely noticeable result while teeth whitening performed by a dentist is super expensive.

In-clinic teeth whitening, like Gloss Hair Boutique & Teeth Whitening Clinic at 1/107 Ocean St, Dudley NSW 2290, gives high quality, fast and affordable results. The Gloss teeth whitening consultants are highly trained and qualified in professional teeth whitening procedures. They are also trained to identify any possible issues in and around the mouth, teeth and gums.

The procedure starts when the teeth whitening gel which is applied to the surface of your teeth. The gel, in combination with a special LED light, will remove most stains built up on your teeth. The science behind it occurs with a gentle oxidisation action that breaks apart the staining compounds, removing stains and whitening your teeth back to their original colour.

The in-clinic consultant places the teeth whitening gel on the teeth for 15 minutes then reapplies it several times. As the Teeth Whitening Gel is broken down within a 15-minute period, oxygen acts on the stained organic deposits, which oxidises them into a white colour. This process brings both the inner and outer layers of the tooth closer to its natural pearly white.

The most effective results are seen with a 45 to 60 min appointment while refresh or follow-up appointments are normally recommended as 30 min sessions. Basically, the longer the session, the better the results.

For Teeth Whitening in Newcastle, head straight for Gloss Hair Boutique & Teeth Whitening Clinic at 1/107 Ocean St, Dudley NSW 2290.

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