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Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?


There are a few different ways of whitening teeth. You can choose the do-it-yourself methods at home like teeth whitening toothpaste, teeth whitening gels or even teeth whitening rinses. These are fairly ineffective and take months to even see a small change.

But the biggest problem with home whitening kits is that they often contain harmful abrasives such as silica, polyethylene and propylene glycol. These can erode tooth enamel and trigger sensitivity. There are other ingredients to be wary of like polyethylene, sodium hydroxide, propylene glycol, and ammonium hydroxide. These can be extremely harmful to the mouth especially people with sensitive teeth.

To be sure that you’re not going to damage your teeth by causing painful sensitivity, the best method for teeth whitening is the In-Clinic Teeth Whitening Method. The process is simple: the teeth whitening gel is applied to the surface of your teeth then a special LED light is focused on the teeth. The lights purpose is to accelerate the teeth whitening gel, causing the gel to react faster when breaking down stains.

However, some people use over-the-counter teeth whitening instead of LED teeth whitening because they are afraid the LED Light will be painful. The fact is, the LED Light causes no pain at all. LED teeth whitening is extremely safe when performed by an experienced professional who will take precautions to ensure you have the most comfortable experience possible.

Gloss Teeth Whitening in Dudley NSW is Newcastle’s teeth whitening specialist with trained consultants qualified in professional teeth whitening procedures. They are also trained to identify any possible issues in and around the mouth, teeth and gums.

In-clinic treatments are highly recommended for those with very sensitive teeth, because the gel gently dissolves the protein pellicle where plaque, bacteria and stains adhere. The stains are safely lifted without scratching, damaging or eroding tooth enamel .

Gloss Teeth Whitening uses Zero Gel which gently oxidises and removes stains to whiten your teeth back to their original colour. The LED Light is only used to accelerate the teeth whitening gel, causing it to react faster when breaking down stains.

So, the in-clinic teeth whitening treatment is definitely your best bet especially if you have sensitive teeth. You can achieve that gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted and it’s all pain free.

For Teeth Whitening in Newcastle, head straight for Gloss Hair Boutique & Teeth Whitening Clinic at 1/107 Ocean St, Dudley NSW 2290.

The Gloss Teeth Whitening Staff have been trained to international standards with qualifications second to none in Australia so you can be assured you’re in safe hands while you have your teeth whitened.

Keep smiling!!

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