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Does Teeth Whitening Damage My Tooth Enamel?


The simple answer is NO. A lot of people would love to have their teeth whitened but are afraid that there will be damage done to their enamel. The fact is that teeth whitening procedures are actually very safe. There is no enamel damage, removing or stripping.

But we should learn more about tooth enamel and how the whitening process works. Tooth enamel covers each of your teeth and protects them from damage as well as insulating the nerves inside the tooth against foods or drinks that are very hot or very cold.

Tooth enamel forms while we’re a fetus in the womb. Enamel is what makes our teeth look white – that includes both our baby teeth and our adult teeth. When we’re young our teeth are fairly white, not total white because no-one’s teeth are perfectly white, but things change as we age. Teeth start to look yellow and dull. This is where teeth whitening can help! But more about that in a minute.

Teeth enamel is made up of thousands micro “rods” that unavoidably catch debris and eventually stain. Staining occurs from drinking dark liquids like coffee, tea or soda, cigarette smoking or by poor brushing practices causing an excessive build-up of tartar.

During the teeth whitening procedure, a Teeth Whitening Gel is applied to the surface of your teeth. The gel, in combination with a special LED light, will remove most stains built up on your teeth. The science behind it occurs with a gentle oxidisation action that removes stains and whitens your teeth back to their original colour.

As the Teeth Whitening Gel is broken down within a 15-minute period, oxygen acts on the stained organic deposits, which oxidises them into a white colour. This process brings the tooth closer to its natural pearly white. The oxidizing agent works to remove stains whilst not harming the enamel rods.

And the best method of having your teeth whitened is in a Teeth Whitening Clinic. The service is quick, safe and provides long-lasting results. Teeth whitening is purely a cosmetic whitening procedure and not essential to be performed by a dentist.

Gloss Teeth Whitening in Dudley NSW is Newcastle’s teeth whitening specialist with trained consultants qualified in professional teeth whitening procedures. They are also trained to identify any possible issues in and around the mouth, teeth and gums.

So, does teeth whitening damage your enamel? No, when performed by an expert at a Teeth Whitening Clinic, the whitening gel products are 100% safe and will not damage or weaken your tooth enamel.

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